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Companies & Services

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Building Maintenance by Bluebridge Services

When everything is moved and installed, buildings are used intensively. Bluebridge Services often receives requests from clients to execute several maintenance tasks after the movement. These tasks need to be done quickly and efficiently. That’s why we have our company Smile.


Smile consists of a team of professionals with different profiles. They quickly respond to your requests for maintenance and handy work in buildings.


Count on Smile for all maintenance tasks in buildings:

  • Relamping
  • Repair door handles
  • Replace loose ceiling tiles
  • Replace damaged carpet
  • Adapt wiring
  • Replace blinds
  • Repair damage to desks and furniture

Contracting by Bluebridge Services

Architectural work before and after movements

Moving is more than only the transportation of objects between two points. Bluebridge Services is well aware of that. A relocation project often brings along architectural work, before and after the relocation. And that’s when Bluefin comes along, a registered contactor.


The teams of Bluefin come to your site to prepare your old adress for the move and make your new adress ready for use. 


Count on Bluefin for these architectural activities supporting a movement:

  • Relamping: replace the lighting of a building – often in the context of a sustainable energy policy,
  • Stripping: strip the entries, partitions and walls so they are ready for a new coating or paint color after you have moved out,
  • Cabling: adapt the cabling of the IT needs occuring during the move – power supply, telephony and data cables,
  • Patching: connect computers to the network,
  • ICT: connect and disconnect pc’s,
  • Move whiteboards and hang them on new locations,
  • Carpet and carpet tiles: move, adapt, fix and remove,
  • Ceilings: repare and renew,
  • Chores: execute multiple architectural tasks and adjustments that are meant to reinsure a smooth movement or to make your office ready to use after moving in

Independent moving by Bluebridge Services

The core activity of BlueBridge Services is moving the content of an office.  Our company “Independent Moving Company” takes charge of these relocations. We often execute substantial operations for big companies in the business sector, financial sector, healtcare sector, hotel industry, art world or government.


We talk about “integrated movements” because we often carry out more than only moving objects from one place to another. We offer additional services to facilitate your move.


Count on Independent Moving Services for all traditional movements:

  1. Full coördination of internal and external moving projects, for businesses, project bureaus, facility providers and governments,
  2. Moving of archives according to specific quality procedures, directly for the customer or subcontracted for archiving companies,
  3. Moving entire laboratories and delicat medical material,
  4. Moving and placement of racks and other hardware,
  5. Moving safes,
  6. Moving art items,
  7. Disassembly and assembly of existing furniture,
  8. Assembly of new office furniture, wether or not for the manufacturer,
  9. Disassembly and assembly of racks,
  10. Moving and replacing heavy POS and ticket terminals,
  11. Logistic support,
  12. Storage of furniture,
  13. Distrubition of different products and goods,
  14. Delivery and assembly of furniture for the hotel industry,
  15. Diverse handy man services, wether or not as aftercare of a movement,
  16. Moving, disconnect and connect industrial machines and installations,
  17. Coördination of transportation projects,
  18. Support of internal mail distribution

Drainage & Plumbing by Bluebridge Services

Q-Clean is the specialist in unclogging and reaming. Q-Clean offers its unblocking, reaming and cleaning services everywhere in Belgium. We execute every intervention with trained professionals.

Count on Q-Clean for:


  • Toilets and septic tanks,
  • Rainwater tanks,
  • Fishponds, swimming ponds and pools,
  • Basements and underground garages
  • Buildings and construction sites



  • Toilet, shower, washbasin, sink,
  • Drainage,
  • Camera investigation,
  • Odor prevention,
  • Repair service


Fuel oil and gasoline tanks

  • Density test,
  • Cleaning,
  • Empty and remove,
  • Installing,
  • Putting out of service,
  • Neutralizing.


Get to know all of Q-Cleans activities.