Bluebridge Building Maintenance Services

Building maintenance
When everything is moved and installed, buildings are used intensively. BlueBridge Services often receives requests from clients to execute several maintenance tasks after the movement. These tasks need to be done quickly and efficiently. That’s why we have our company Smile.

Smile consists of a team of professionals with different profiles. They quickly respond to your requests for maintenance and handy work in buildings.

Count on Smile for all maintenance tasks in buildings:

  • Relamping
  • Repair door handles
  • Replace loose ceiling tiles
  • Replace damaged carpet
  • Adapt wiring
  • Replace blinds
  • Repair damage to desks and furniture

Smile Maintenance BVBA
Industrieweg 1405
3540 Herk-de-Stad
T: 0800 12 885
F: 013 460499