Bluebridge Contracting Services

Architectural work before and after movements
Moving is more than only the transportation of objects between two points. BlueBridge Services is well aware of that. A relocation project often brings along architectural work, before and after the relocation. And that’s when Bluefin comes along, a registered contactor.

The teams of Bluefin come to your site to prepare your old adress for the move and make your new adress ready for use. 

Count on Bluefin for these architectural activities supporting a movement:

  • Relamping: replace the lighting of a building – often in the context of a sustainable energy policy,
  • Stripping: strip the entries, partitions and walls so they are ready for a new coating or paint color after you have moved out,
  • Cabling: adapt the cabling of the IT needs occuring during the move – power supply, telephony and data cables,
  • Patching: connect computers to the network,
  • ICT: connect and disconnect pc’s,
  • Move whiteboards and hang them on new locations,
  • Carpet and carpet tiles: move, adapt, fix and remove,
  • Ceilings: repare and renew,
  • Chores: execute multiple architectural tasks and adjustments that are meant to reinsure a smooth movement or to make your office ready to use after moving in

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