Bluebridge Drainage & Plumbing Services

Drainage and plumbing
Q-Clean is the specialist in unclogging and reaming. Q-Clean offers its unblocking, reaming and cleaning services everywhere in Belgium. We execute every intervention with trained professionals.

Count on Q-Clean for:


  • Toilets and septic tanks,
  • Rainwater tanks,
  • Fishponds, swimming ponds and pools,
  • Basements and underground garages
  • Buildings and construction sites


  • Toilet, shower, washbasin, sink,
  • Drainage,
  • Camera investigation,
  • Odor prevention,
  • Repair service 

Fuel oil and gasoline tanks

  • Density test,
  • Cleaning,
  • Empty and remove,
  • Installing,
  • Putting out of service,
  • Neutralizing.

Get to know all of Q-Cleans activities. 

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Sluis 2D2/01
9810 Eke (Nazareth)
T: 0800 12 885
F: 013 460499