Bluebridge Independent moving Services

Integrated movements 
The core activity of BlueBridge Services is moving the content of an office.  Our company “Independent Moving Company” takes charge of these relocations. We often execute substantial operations for big companies in the business sector, financial sector, healtcare sector, hotel industry, art world or government.

We talk about “integrated movements” because we often carry out more than only moving objects from one place to another. We offer additional services to facilitate your move.

Count on Independent Moving Services for all traditional movements:

  1. Full coördination of internal and external moving projects, for businesses, project bureaus, facility providers and governments,
  2. Moving of archives according to specific quality procedures, directly for the customer or subcontracted for archiving companies,
  3. Moving entire laboratories and delicat medical material,
  4. Moving and placement of racks and other hardware,
  5. Moving safes,
  6. Moving art items,
  7. Disassembly and assembly of existing furniture,
  8. Assembly of new office furniture, wether or not for the manufacturer,
  9. Disassembly and assembly of racks,
  10. Moving and replacing heavy POS and ticket terminals,
  11. Logistic support,
  12. Storage of furniture,
  13. Distrubition of different products and goods,
  14. Delivery and assembly of furniture for the hotel industry,
  15. Diverse handy man services, wether or not as aftercare of a movement,
  16. Moving, disconnect and connect industrial machines and installations,
  17. Coördination of transportation projects,
  18. Support of internal mail distribution

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